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"Our mission is to bring photonic technologies to the industry: we assist the customer throughout the development path from the idea to the product, studying innovative solutions to measurement problems that do not find answers with traditional technologies"


Project MASH

OST has developed an Adaptive Membrane with "Human touch" Sensitivity for pressure and temperature measurements with fiber optic sensors and shape memory alloy actuators


OST is a company expert in photonic technologies, with a strong commitment to innovation, created by the initiative and experience of its founders in the research and development of optoelectronic and fiber optic sensors.

OST's core business is the development of measurement systems based on laser technology, fiber optics, integrated optics.

The company is equipped with a laboratory of optoelectronics where innovative measurement solutions are experimented and prototype devices are designed and realized for the customer.

OST also supports the process engineering of the proposed systems.



"Our mission is to assist our customers through all the added value chain, from the initial idea up to the manufacturing line"

The customer's idea is used by OST as a guideline during all the co-design process to reach the technical and economic objectives of the client and to best meet the specifications of the application.

Thekey milestones include the following activities:

  • a feasibility study
  • engineering samples and prototypes
  • technology transfer


Optics and photonics are experiencing a period of strong growth, making innovative technologies accessible to the industrial world: medicine, transportation, aviation, mechanical, energy... are benefiting from this contribution in order to improve their efficiency.

Knowledge is at the center of this development and in the industrial world "to know" means "to measure."
The light is characterized by several properties: intensity, color (wavelength), coherence, phase and polarization. Each of these parameters can be used to measure quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, concentration, weight, deformation, vibration, acceleration...

Taking advantage of the properties of light, OST can develop solutions that exceed the limits of traditional technologies: contactless measures, distributed measurements, simultaneous measurements of different parameters, are only a few examples of the wide variety of possible solutions.


LED, Lasers and Fibre Optics pervade our every day lives, but how can we make sensors or measuring systems with these objects?

In some cases the free space propagation of the light emitted by a Laser diode or a LED can lead to the solution of contactless measurement problems, in other situations an innovative monitoring system can be developed thanks to the guided light in a fiber optic.

Here are some examples of physical parameters that can be detectced and measured in a non-conventional way thanks to the photonics technologies and the properties of light.

Feel free to contact us to dicuss about your idea: we will find togeter the right way to innovation!

Misurare la temperatura con le fibre ottiche Misurare la pressione con le fibre ottiche Misurare la portata con le fibre ottiche Misurare la concentrazione con le fibre ottiche Misurare il peso con le fibre ottiche Misurare la deformazione con le fibre ottiche Misurare le vibrazioni con le fibre ottiche
Temperature Pressure Flow Concentration Weight Deformation Vibration

Our skills

OST provides its expertise created in more than 20 years of experience in the world of research and development in photonics technologies, as well as an established network of selected scientific and industrial partners.

Intellectual property

OST deems essential the protection of its own technological know-how and of the measurement solutions developed for the customer, therefore aims to protect his Intellectual Property and to guide him through all the stages from development to production.



OST operates on the market thanks to an organization which allows each member to play his specific role, under the coordination of Val Power. This makes cooperation with Universities, Research Centers and a network of selected industrial partners possible, aimed to the development of innovative monitoring solutions.           



Our marketing partner, whose action is fundamental in the OST organization to understand the industrial needs





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The Photonic Devices Group within the Polifab, a facility at Politecnico di Milano

EU project H2020

The Photonics ecosystem in a european collaborative network

Fiber optic sensors produced with DTG, FSG and AGF technologies and specialty fibers

Artificial Intelligence at the service of predictive diagnostics and other monitoring applications

Some relevant projects are carried on in collaboration with DAER, the Department of AERospace science and technologies at Milan Polytechnic, and Leonardo Helicopters   aw