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Integrated photonics


The development of Integrated Photonics allows the production of miniaturized and reproducible devices for the most innovative applications in the industrial, biomedical, aerospace fields.
OST jointed a European workgroup within a EU H2020 project named PICS4ALLthat involves researchers from varous Universities, Research Centers and Companies and can therefore help in approaching this new technology, selecting the most appropriate solutions, making a "system-level project" and interacting with the specialized labs and facilities to reach the set goal.



The first step: identification of the measurement problem


If you're thinking that the next generation products of your Company should have better performance, competitive price and, mainly, innovative contents, then the Photonics could be the right choice.

Fiber optic and integrated photonics measurement and diagnostics systems allow a high miniaturization of devices, favoring the development of wearable, lightweight, low power and network-connected systems.

Fiber-optic sensors and photonic devices can be integrated into composite materials, are suitable for harsh and AtEx environments, can be installed in plants and machinery that are difficult to access and where the required space and reduced wiring are important.


From telemedicine to aerospace, we are able to guide the customer in the choice of innovative measurement solutions, which allow them to achieve unparalleled performance compared to traditional technologies.

Which technology?


There are several technological processes to produce Photonic Integrated Chips, each with its own peculiarities.

Some examples:

  • Silicon Photonics
  • InP
  • Polymer

The choice of the proper technology depends upon several parameters, depending on the requested performances of the device.

The role of OST is precisely to accompany the customer in the exploration of this world, making available their skills and those of an entire "European Photonic Ecosystem".

The building blocks of a photonic device

OST deals mainly with measurement systems and fiber optic sensors.

Among the building blocks of a miniaturized interrogator for FBG sensors, the micro-ring resontator undoubtedly plays a relevant role.

This element, opportunely driven, allows to make very fast scanning systems and to "read" the information carried by innovative sensors like the Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG).

Other building blocks are for example: delay lines, couplers, interferometers, modulators, etc...


The main steps towards the development of a Photonic Integrated Device

  • Study of the measurement problem
  • Identification of the requirements for a system based on Integrated Photonics
  • First level feasibility study, during which some fundamental properties and performances can be demonstrated by means of existing photonic devices and lab equipment
  • Possible realization of a functional demonstration prototype or a technological demonstrator
  • Project of a Photonic Integrated Chip (PIC), an Integrated Photonic device specific for the requested application
    • Simulation
    • PIC design
    • Wafer production with a "Multi Project Wafer" approach that allows to reduce the access costs to production facilities for the prototyping phase
    • Interfacing and testing of the PIC
    • Packaging
  • Dedicated electronics
  • System integration
  • Prototyping and testing


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