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Beyond the limits of traditional technologies with innovative measurement solutions.

OST uses optical and photonic technologies to realize innovative miniaturized devices and fiber optic sensors, for harsh environments, AtEx, immune to electromagnetic disturbances.




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As was the case with electronics in the 80s, it is now possible to achieve a high degree of integration even with photonics: this paves the way for a new generation of devices that offer innovative and reliable solutions for countless fields of application.

The assembly of latest-generation photonic and electronic devices in the same package leads to the development of fully autonomous integrated systems connected to the "cloud"

Thanks to their low invasiveness, the different possibilities of multiplexing of many measuring points, the compatibility with composite materials and with AtEx environments or with strong electromagnetic disturbances, optical fibers allow to realize monitoring systems with unattainable performances with traditional technologies .

Fiber-optic sensors coupled with integrated photonics interrogators allow to realize miniaturized, wearable measuring systems suitable for industry 4.0

In environments where it is necessary to limit or totally eliminate the contact with the elements to be measured, as in the case of the food, biomedical, chemical or pharmaceutical industries, an optical measurement solution may be the best choice.

The appropriate use of sources, detectors, filters, allows the use of optical properties of materials to obtain important information for diagnostics or optimization and process control.